Harold's Mats

Hi, my name is Harold. I am a distributor here in Canada for Warzone40K. All products are sold at Etherlan and Comic Con. If you want a special order, please email me at kingespi_1968@hotmail.com.

All my products are the highest quality only at 720p that I sell. They come in a size that are 6ft x 4ft and comes in a tub. Cost are $100.00 Canadian each Mat of this size and quality

A battleboard for every wargame and wargaming terrain - Warhammer, Warmachine,and also fantasy like Age of Sigmar or Malifaux.

  • Composite material with polyester netting and plasticizer-filler
  • Water, temperature, rolling in tube, hits and scratches resistant
  • All mats are packed in special carrying¬†tube. We can place any hex or grid on your mat or make a special size for you

Check out the website at www.warzone40k.com

For any orders, please contact me at 204-332-0586 in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada.

Madison's Dragons

Hello, my name is Madison Hildebrand, I am 15 years old and I have self taught myself how to create these dragons out of polymer clay. I make many other things but I love dragons the most. I am selling these to share my work and to use some of the money for university and an upcoming mission trip

I sell these at EtherLAN and Comic Con. If you would like a special order, please contact me at bunkerkev@gmail.com.